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Welcome back from the weekend we hope yo all had a beautiful weekend, today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Kezia, Lachlan H, Lachlan B, Quinn, Alanis and Hendrix.

This morning when Hendrix arrived mum told Miss Shelby that they went to the beach yesterday, Miss Shelby asked Hendrix what he did at the beach and he responded by telling Miss Shelby ” build sandcastles.”

For morning tea Miss Kerry made some yummy fruit pizzas which the children enjoyed eating, after morning tea it was time to start our activities for the day. Today we pretended we were playing at the beach as Miss Shelby set up a sand experience to extend on Hendrix interest of going to the beach yesterday, in a trough some sand was set up with shovels and spades, building molds and sand sifters. The children explored what was in the trough and had fun having messy play with the sand.

Quinn, Alanis, Luca, Kezia, Lachlan B, Lachlan H and Hendrix all created a sandcastle using the sand and craft glue to decorate their own sandcastle, while doing their art activity Hendrix said ”it’s a sandcastle, Kezia said ” please” to Miss Shelby when it was her turn and Lachlan B said ” my turn to do sandcastle ” when he wanted to have a turn at creating his own sandcastle. The children really enjoyed decorating the sandcastle picture with the sand and craft glue

We danced along to some children’s beach songs and also enjoyed doing yoga with Miss Gabbi and our toddler one friends. All the children are becoming so much for confident in doing yoga and love it when they get to see Miss Gabbi.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais