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Happy Monday♥

Hello families of the Toddler Two room and welcome back from your weekend. We have had a lovely Monday and I look forward to you reading all about it. We welcomed aboard your little cherubs with warm smiles and open arms as they were dropped off. This morning the weather was inviting in the warm sun, the children set foot to the outdoors as they were eager to explore.

  • Investigating foam on the table with Miss Jess. Spencer, Peyton, Max, Finley, Kynell, Edward and Thomas thoroughly enjoyed messy foam play. Edward, Finely, Thomas and Spencer all said ‘’More more’’ as they wanted Miss Jess to spray more in their hands. They enjoyed squishing it through their hands as well as rubbing it around on the table.
  • Driving on the ‘’bus’’ Mathias and Indi were in the front seat of the bus and singing ‘’Wheels on the bus’’ with glee.
  • Riding the bikes around the bike track and through the bark area.
  • Sliding down the slide with ease

Before we made our way inside, Miss Jess was on the veranda with some of her friends singing a variety of nursery rhymes such as “Incy Wincy’ ,‘’Baa baa’’ and ‘’Twinkle twinkle’’ Indi, Thomas, Edward, Noah, Finley and Max did so well at finishing the sentences of the songs sang!! We then sang ‘’Happy Birthday’’ as Max had made a cake, Thomas then helped blow the candles out. What a lovely way to end our morning play.

As we headed in, we came together on the mat where Miss Jess was waiting for our friends to join her. In group time today we read a book that Max handed to Miss Jess. The book was called ”5 Big and Busy Trucks” Throughout this book on each page was numbers down from 5-1. Miss Jess would ask ”Can you spot 1 tractor” ”2 sheep” and then would show the children the numbers using my hand. Finley, Indi, Max and Thomas were very intrigued by this book and learning the numbers. We then sang our transition song to wash our hands for morning tea. The children were eager to see what scrumptious morning tea they were having!  When their tummies were nice and content they headed to explore the indoor environment, we did spent majority of our morning outside in the beautiful outdoors, making most of it. Miss Hope then did a craft activity for ‘Winter” They used sticks they collected around the yard with Miss Hope before they applied glue using a paintbrush so the blue glitter would stick to it. They really enjoyed this activity!

We then had a fire drill!!! They all listened so carefully about what we had to do and where we had to go, such great listing ears!!! They all walked nicely holding the rope to the evacuated area in the double slide playground. Having lots of practice with our drills is so important so we know what to do when something happens for real! It was then time to come inside to get ready for lunch and a reenergised sleep. This afternoon they had a joyful time out in the double slide playground, balancing on the balancing beams and exploring with happiness and laughter.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Crystal xx