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Happy Monday and Happy International Women’s day♥

What a beautiful start to the week, with so much to do and seek throughout the classroom and outdoor environment.

This Morning our friends joined Miss Jess inside when she arrived and where we waited for our other friends and teachers to arrive. We explored the tables where there were different interactions set out that the children could delve into! Such as the sea animals with coral, rocks and coloured materials. Our fun little gross motor toys, problem solving with the puzzles and looking through the books displayed on the table for us to enjoy. When more of our friends arrived and Miss Hope and Miss Shae came we then proceeded to adventure more throughout the room and scout to different activities! From building train tracks as a team, driving the cars around on the car mat and down the car ramp, role playing in home corner and having fun with Jacksons bubble machine!!!!

It was then time to help pack away for our group time on the mat. For group time today Miss Jess read one of their favourite books called “Pirates In Pyjamas” They all LOVE this book so much and are well engaged. We then sang “Bee, bee, bumble bee” to transition to wash hands before they had morning tea.

Before we went to play outside we did ART with Miss Hope!!! For art we thought it would be nice for the children to be able to paint a picture for their mum as it is international women’s day. Indi was able to pick what colour we all painted with today and what colour paper as well, she chose pink for the paint and blue for the paper. All children enjoyed painting their own pictures for their mums♥ Just before we jumped outside Miss Hayley came for YOGA! The children liked the breathing ball, and pretending to be snakes as they stretched their bodies long and slithered around. Thank you Miss Hayley for the relaxing yogi time.

Now it was time for all little energised bunnies to hop to the great outdoors and explore the exciting environment!!! The children had fun from playing in the sandpit, zooming past around the bike track, exploring water play in the tray, climbing the playground and adventuring through the gardens. As the children had a blast outside it was time to come inside to enjoy some delicious lunch before resting their bodies to reenergise for this afternoons whirl of fun.

Thank you all for a beautiful start to the week♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx