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Hello Families and Friends!!!
A warm welcome from Toddlers Two Classroom! ♥

What a fantastic learning and playful day we`ve had around here today. Our day began with our friends outside in the playground playing under a warm spring sun, with big smiles and cuddles our friends were welcome for Miss Jess and our friends from Toddlers 1.
Searching for their self select toys and games the children engaged in:
♦ Balls games, as catch and throw, and baling ball.
♦ Balance bikes, the children really love pushing the little wooden bikes around the yard.
♦ Sandpit was also a hit around here this more, they enjoyed digging holes in the sandpit, and make castle sand.

The time goes so fast when we re having fun with our educators and friends. Then when we realized was time to go inside and started our morning routine and getting already for morning tea time.
Before we set down for our morning tea, was time for our group time, then we all set together in the group mat to say hello to our classmates and read a story book. The story that the kids picked today was “Dino- shapes” showing their BIG interests about the dinosaurs. The read was nice and the children really engage in the story, they couldn`t take their eyes off from the BIG colourful dinosaur and different shapes that each page was show up to us!!! Once we had finished out book was time to sing our transition song for washing hands – ” Bee bee bumble bee” today Miss Gabi “tricked” the kids so in stated  their say their names they should to say the colour of their T-shirt, was so fun!!! Then they smooth transition to hand wash and morning tea time.


Once we all have finished our morning tea time and pack all our staff our was time for another big adventure. Today we decided to do something different in classroom and create two different scenarios when the children could to floating around free, following their interest in play.

♥Inside our classroom we had Miss Jess and Miss Hope playing a game of throwing the ball and hacky sacks into the buckets. The children used great skills as they had to concentrate on where they were aiming before they gave it a BIG go. They really enjoyed this game and challenging themselves from different lengths to see how far they could throw.

♥ Outside was Miss Gabi in the sandpit with a few dinosaur toys. Freely engage, kids lead the play and let our their imagination comes up. We started digging holes and hidden the dinosaur, then we made castles for the dinosaur, then we made dinosaur foot print and dinosaur sculpture and much more. Was amazing see our little friends enjoyed each other company and playing all together in the same rule play.

So far lunch today was one of the favourite dishes around here, at the lunch time today we just could hear the children saying, ” yummy” and ” moooore”. They ate so well today at lunch time.

It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 🙂

Now we had a lovely rest time on our beds listening to soft music for having other amazing playtime in this afternoon!

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope