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Happy Thursday everyone, hope your all having a wonderful week. Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Charlotte, Quinn, Hendrix, Dominic, Ivy, Alanis.

What a fun day we had today with all our friends, during morning tea Miss Shelby taught the children how to say thank you in Japanese by saying ”Are-e-gar-toe” our friend Charlotte responded by saying ”Are-e-gar-toe Miss Thais” when Miss Thais gave her morning tea.

Miss Shelby brought in a special bag with some sea animal foam pictures and sat down with the children to look in  the special bag where we talked about the different sea animals- dolphin, seahorse, fish, crab, shark and a mermaid. Hendrix said to Miss Shelby your special bag, while looking at the pictures Charlotte said ” look a crab” and Hendrix said ”a dolphin”,Luca responded by kissing the sea animals and he thought it was funny by laughing. Miss Shelby also sang slippery fish and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once i caught a fish alive.

Together the children created a under the sea poster using sea shells and sea animal foam stickers, during this art activity the children used glue to paint onto the piece of blue paper which was the water and then decorated the paper with shells and the different sea animal foam stickers.


Songs and hand puppets were very popular today with many of our friends using the hand puppets to sing songs, Miss Thais used the spider puppet to sing Incy Wincey spider and Ivy joined in with her by using the spider puppet to move up and down the fridge while we sang the song. Charlotte was enjoying singing 5 little ducks with the duck puppet and Miss Shelby used the crocodile puppet to sing 5 cheeky monkeys and our friends Alanis, Hendrix, Charlotte, Ivy and Luca showed kindness to the crocodile as they gave him a cuddle and kiss.

Arakan was enjoyed by the children, they are learning to follow directions by Mr Daniel.They followed directions as they played a game of Simon says and touched their body parts when Simon said too and also did some running races.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais