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Happy Thursday families and friends,

Today we started our day greeting each other in the Yard. We had lots of friends today and everyone was super busy and happy to explore Outdoor.

We had a Group Time where we shared the Book “Teeth are not for bitting” and all the children listened to Miss Bec. We also had a little discussion about it after reading the Book where Miss Thais asked our friends. “Do we bite our friends?” and them all the children said: “NOOOO!” We continuous working and talk about it with our friends. We also read the story today called “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. The children really enjoyed that Book.

Miss Bec prepared a craft experience for the children today where we created some Superhero bracelets. The children displayed very good fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully glue the sticker around the bracelet. Some of them were very proud and came quickly outside to show to Miss Thais and Miss Maddi what they have done inside with Miss Bec.

The children also had a good time with sensory playdough play using the rollers and shape cutters but that time Miss Maddi made for us yellow playdough. They were very engaged during the activity.

Today we enjoyed spontaneous activities, chosen by the children. Riding bikes, climbing and play with balls.

Before we transitioned inside for lunch time Thais shared a Brazilian song with us where some of them were able to sing a few words in portuguese. The song called “O sapo nao lava o pe” means “The frog does not wash his foot”. Its a funny brazilian song and they really enjoyed sing it doing the actions.

We continue to practice our self -help and good hygiene skills as we wash our hands before meals and pack away our water bottles after we have finished drinking from them.

After all this fun and active play we were very ready for our lunch. We enjoyed our burgers today before we all went so quickly to sleep to recharge our batteries.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi