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Good afternoon everyone!

Our day started with some Outdoor play.  The Toddlers loved our obstacle course we made with the soft mats and the hoops. When it was time for morning tea we came inside to enjoy our yummy pancakes and fruits.

The children then transitioned indoors as we continued on with learning all about different types sea creatures animals.

Today Miss Thais did the fishing activity with Toddlers because the children has been showing interest in fishing. We use a container filled with blue water and some sea animals and stars… They loved to catch the sea animals and feel the water! They also liked to splash the water…

The Art Activity today was painting the Star fish. Everyone got the chance to do their paint. We use some different size of stars as a shape and they tried to paint inside using yellow paint. The children displayed very good concentration skills and fine-motor as they carefully spread paint inside of the star shape. Willow loved to do the painting and asked Miss Thais for different sizes of star saying “more, more”.

We also played some instruments today with Miss Dominique. Parker loves dancing and making some music. He used the drum today and Alia was very curious about the Maracas.

We also continue working on our self help skills, as we pack away our bottles after meal time… Dominic loved to help our friends at this time.

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love Miss Thais