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Hello and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. The glorious day began with the children taking foot around their playground. Max, Jackson, and Noah showed how fast they were as they participated in running races with Miss Jess. They not only showed how much speed they had but also listened carefully for the ‘’GO’’ as Miss Jess was being tricky at times and saying ‘’Get Ready, Get Set, Monkeys’’ They thought it was so FUNNY! Mia, Noa, Kynell and Peyton were happily zooming around on the bikes with ease! Spencer enjoyed swinging through the breeze and Adem and Avery liked flicking through the books. It was a joyful time outside this morning.

The children then all joined together on the veranda with Miss Jess, Miss Lyn, and Miss Jess for a nursery rhyme ‘’Open, shut them’’ before we transitioned inside to sit on the carpet. As the children came inside, they all found a pillow and sat on it before Miss Jess read a story called ‘’Hide and Seek Under the Sea’’ as we have been focusing on sea animals  and shark this week.  They were all so engaged throughout this book and enjoyed seeing what sea animal was hiding behind the coral and weeds. Afterwards we sung the transition song to wash hands before a very tasty morning tea which was Delicious Pumpkin, Chia and Apple Waffles! When the children had finished eating, they packed away before they jumped outside ready for ARAKAN!!! In Arakan today they were able to practice their quick reflex skills, following instructions as well as practicing their left and right with their hands. When it was finished, Miss Gabi was eager for all children to see what an exciting set up of activities she had outside waiting for us to dive into in the double slide playground.

  • Exploring the sea animals in the blue tub with water. They were also able to pour the water into the tubs, putting the lid on and shaking it up with glee. They repeated this as it was so much fun.
  • Continuing in our week topic today Miss Gabi did a Feeding the shark game. In a small number of kids per time, they should feed the sharks matching the fish colour with the shark colour. It was an excellent activity to help developing concentration skills, imagination and practices colour and counting skills.
  • Practicing great balancing skills as they carefully had to watch their feet as they walked up and down the beams before jumping off, climbing up and down the obstacle frame with help from Miss Jess before finishing through the green tunnel.

As the time was flying by it was time to have a big drink of water before we headed inside for a scrumptious lunch which was a Loaded Vegan Butter Chicken with Turmeric Rice and a Chicken option too. When they had finished, they packed away before they headed to their beds for a reenergising rest for this afternoon whirl of FUN!

Thank you all for today

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Jess F xx