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Welcome to Thursday the 12th December, today is the children’s Christmas party with a special visit from Santa and a show. Today we welcome our friends Luca,Ivy, Dominic, Latika, Lachlan B , Charlotte, Hendrix and Alanis.

While waiting for all our friends to arrive Miss Kerry came to show us the Christmas cutters she brought, she talked to Dominic, Luca , Ivy and Charlotte about how she will use the cutters to create the shapes with the fruit for afternoon tea today. They also told Miss Kerry which Christmas cutter was their favorite.

Today we started our day joining Miss Shelby for songs where we enjoyed singing some of our favorite songs, singing open shut them which our friends loved blowing a big kiss at the end of the song when we sang ” blow a great big kiss”, twinkle little star where Latika and Charlotte did a great job at using their fingers to make a diamond in the sky and Miss Polly had a dolly has Latika said baby as she brought the doll over to group time. When singing Miss Polly had a dolly Ivy went over to the wall and knocked on the wall when Miss Shelby sang ” the doctor knocked on the door”, Charlotte joined in and said ” knock , knock, the doctor is coming”.

Some the children were enjoying hiding behind the easel so Miss Shelby brought out some chalk and coloured white board markers for the children to draw on the black chalk board and white board on the easel. The children learnt how to keep the chalk on the black board side of the easel and the white board markers on the white board side, also  showing sharing and turn-taking with the drawing resources.

Miss Shelby extended on the children’s interest of the Christmas cutters by doing Christmas cutter painting, the children used the different cutters to stamp up and down onto the paper. Luca, Alanis, Dominic, Hendrix, Ivy and Charlotte choose to have a go at the painting activity.

We look forward to seeing all our families at the Christmas party this aftermnoon

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais