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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Conall, Quinn, Willow, Dominic, Everly, Luca and Alanis.

A big thank-you to Willow and her mum and dad for decorating the the love heart for our Valantines day wall it looks beautiful.

When Luca arrived he gave his dummy straight to mum and waved good bye to her was such a beautiful thing to watch. Willow then arrived and joined in dancing to Lions sleeps tonight where she showed off her moves and love of dancing. This morning while we waited for all our friends to arrive the children had the choice of what they wanted to do with Luca making a train out of the lego blocks, Quinn exploring the different animal figurines and Dominic playing with the hospital play box.  Miss Anna sat with Luca, Quinn and Willow to read a story while looking at the book Luca helped count the ladybird on the pages, Willow recognise the cat saying ”meow” and Quinn said ”cat” as she could see the cat on the page.

Before lunch the children joined Miss Steph for group time where we sang and did the actions to some of our favorite songs, Miss Shelby then joined us to sing her ”Good morning”song to welcome the children for the day. When singing ”Good Morning” to Alanis, Quinn responded by waving at her and when singing ”Good Morning” to Conall he responded by waving.

Today we made some Valentine sensory bottles, the children were enjoying helping Miss Shelby to make them using water to add into the bottles and red love heart shaped confetti and glitter.While helping put the love hearts into the bottle Conall used her words to say” in there” After we made the sensory bottles we then used the bottles to dance with as the children took turns in shaking them up and down,Dominic said up and down while he pointed up and then pointed down so Miss Shelby extended on this by teaching the children how to move the bottles up and down so we could learn the difference of being up and being down . Both Quinn and Luca responded by saying ”up and down” and showed Miss Shelby how they can move the bottle up and down.

Today we had a turn at making the red icing for our valentines day cupcakes the children help make yesterday but unfortunately the icing didn’t work out so Miss Steph will make some more tomorrow and the children can decorate the cupcakes for Valentine day tomorrow.

First everyone got to have a look at the icing in the bowl and Miss Shelby talked about how it looks like snow, they then helped to mix the milk and butter with the icing to create the icing mixture. Dominic had a turn at mixing the red food colouring in the icing mixture to make it red.


Miss Shelby and Miss Steph