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Good afternoon families and friends!

We begin our morning with Miss Thais, Miss Gabi and Miss Danna engaging in lots of fun activities Outdoor! Miss Thais set up a Vegetable Garden Sensory bin for our friends. The Sensory bins engage the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell or taste. They loved to feel the smooth crunch of the garden soil and the textured veggies.

We also did colouring and played with some magnets today while we were Outdoors. Later in the morning we had a friend from Babies 3 visit us… Our friends said “Hello” to Alia and we had so much fun playing with dolls house, puzzles and cars and trucks…

We will continue learning all about gardening. Today we shared the Book “Our Wriggly Worm Farm”. Toddlers friends were very interested in the book as while we sharing the images from the Book and Miss Thais explained to them about garden.

After such a fun morning, we helped Miss Thais to pack away the room and we combined with Toddlers One for lunch and rest time…

Links to EYLF

5.1: Children interact verbally and non-verbally for a range of purposes.

1.1.8: Initiate interactions and conversations with trusted educators.

1.1.9: Confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play.

1.1.10: Initiates and join in play.


Love Miss Thais