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Hello Families and Friends 😊

Happy Thursday!!!

Today we spent the day exploring our toddlers room environment, enjoying the company of our friends and engaging in a variety of fun learning experience ♥ We started our day welcoming our friends with a lot of cuddles and smiles, searching for their self interest toys and games were everybody to exited for play!
Some of the learning experiences we engaged in were:
♠ Imaginative play in home corner still very popular around here, our little friends are having o much fun pretending they were cooking to each other and chopping the vegetables on the wooden board the enjoyed saying ” DINNER TIME” then place the pot and plates on the little picnic table!
♥ Car site and wooden blocks play is the hit in our class ass well, they enjoyed using the wooden blocks to build a little car ramps, and little ” garage spaces” for the trucks!

The time past so fast when we are having so much fun with our friends then was time to pack our toys way and start our morning routine. In our group time Miss Gabi read ” the three little pigs” tale again, our friends are loving this story and this morning they asked for the book this morning, – then everybody sat down so nicely on the group mat with their listening ears on and listening very carefully to the story, and guessing  what was behind the flaps and slides the scenes to bring the tale to “life”. Pretending we all are the ” big bad woof” they enjoyed practising their blow skills and puff down the little pigs house – was so much fun!! ♥

After our story time the children smoothly transition to hand washing and morning tea → For morning tea today we had a delicious Creamy pear quinoa porridge with a seasonal fresh fruits.←

Once we had packed our morning tea things away it was time for some more fun experiences in the room, firstly we gathered of our chairs into a circle and had a fun game of musical chairs, dancing to baby shark round  and round the chair huddle until the music stopped and we all rushed to a empty chair to sit down before the music started again and we did it all again, until the song ended and we gathered onto the corner of the room to sit down with miss Gabi while Miss Shae and Miss Lauren set up our next activity.

Continuing in our week topic – self life skills – today we have had Alot of fun using dust pan and brushes to sweep up sand from the black trays and place it into the bin. using our hand eye coordination, patience and team work to transfer the dirty sand away into the bin until it was completely out of the trays and off the floor, exclaiming “HOORAY” while together celebrating our excitement of the new skills. As our friends ventured off to play  Miss Gabi bought out a bucket of pegs and a clothes line for the children to continue on with yesterdays experience of hanging clothes, enhancing our pincer gripping, as we take turns opening each peg to thread it onto the wire happy exclaiming “I DID IT’ when the peg stays on the wire, playing this until it was Arakan Time, together in a circle played fun games, sang songs and before finishing up with a huge karate punch into the boxing glove before bidding goodbye to our instructor for another week and we put on our sunscreen and hats to head outside to exhort our energy before our lunch time and rest time.

Just before we headed inside our friendly neighbour Horse approached our fence to say hello to us all, and we had the opportunity to feed him some carrots. one at a time miss Gabi lifted us up so we could place the carrot in the horses mouth feeling the saliva and the horses tongue before hopping down to wash our hands and play before our transition to hand washing and our delicious lunch of Toasted sandwiches and salad bar and our rest time.

We Look forward to some more fun this afternoon before we are collected to go home.

😊Love Miss Gabi and Miss Shae 😊