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Welcome to Wet and raining Thursday, today miss Selby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Luca, Willow, Dominic, Alanis, Quinn and Everyly.

We had a little play outside this morning before the rain was back, we then washed our hands before joining Miss Shelby for group time where we sang and did the actions to some of our favorite songs. Together Quinn, Luca and Dominic did the actions to if your happy and you know it, gallop went the frog and sleeping bunnies. Quinn pointed outside and said ”rain” as we were sitting together on the mat.

Miss Shelby brought out the crawling tunnel this morning which Quinn, Luca, Dominic, Alanis and Willow had fun crawling through. They learn to crawl through one end of the tunnel and crawl out the other end as well as sharing and turn-taking with each other.

Today the children were provided with rocks and different coloured paint to do rock painting, this was enjoyed by all the children today with them all wanting to have a turn at painting their own rock. Miss Steph set up some trays with some wet sand from the sandpit and added some animal figurines to the sand which both Luca and Dominic enjoyed exploring as they moved the animals through the sand. Luca was using the kangaroo to jump up and down on the sand. The children were also given some red sligy slime to explore and manipulate with their hands with Quinn using her hands to pull the slime

Before lunch today we did some dancing to move our bodies, together we moved our bodies doing the different actions to Dr Nickerboxer. Everyone copied Miss Shelby and Miss Steph to stomp their feet, clap their hands, move their hips and pat their head. We also taught the children a new song today singing Herman the worm.

MIss Shelby and Miss Steph