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Joyful Thursday♥

Hello and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room. As the children arrived outside this morning, they embraced the fresh breeze and warm sun before they said goodbye to their parents as they ventured around the playground to start their journey.

The children spontaneously explored a variety of activities such as the following;

  • Playing a game of egg and spoon race! They used great concentration and balancing skills as they carefully walked with the egg on the spoon.
  • Chillaxing in the chill zone with different variety of books to choose from. They enjoyed using this area to rest and recharge before they set off again around the playground.
  • Bubble FUN! The children LOVED blowing bubbles and popping them!

What a lovely morning it had been and now everyone came together on the veranda as we all smoothly transitioned inside to the mat for group time. In group time today Miss Jess showed the children Body Buddies posters, each had different feelings and faces to match. We spoke about how we can feel calm, happy, and how we may feel or do when we are angry/frustrated. The children were so engaged! Before they washed their hands Miss Jess asked how they were feeling. Noa said ‘Happy’ as she showed a beautiful smile. Noah said ‘’Happy’’ As he did a little dance and smiled too! Talking to the children about feelings and helping them to understand how/why they may feel a certain way and that it is okay, is important.

When they had finished their morning tea, they swiftly packed away in time for Arakan! In Arakan today they used great reflex skills and thinking fast! Practicing using their left and right hands and did amazing at following directions on where to run to! As arakan finished they happily set foot around the playground as Miss Hope got our dinosaur activity ready!

The children were so excited for this activity as they DUG in deep to rescue the dinosaurs stuck in the goop, they used their fingers, paintbrushes, and a playdough cutter. They ALL had so much fun and were eager to rescue the dinosaurs. This fun activity enhanced on their fine motor as they are picking up the objects and more.

When they had finished this activity, they freely played before we came inside for lunch and a energised rest to recharge for this afternoons whirl of fun.

Thank you for today.

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope, Miss Lyn and Miss Danica xx