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Good afternoon family and friends♥

Welcome to our spectacular Thursday here in the Toddler Two room.

What an eventful day it has been today and so much joy was had! This morning we didn’t get the chance to have a morning play because of the weather but that does not mean we did not have a great time inside with our friends and teachers.♥

Morning Indoor play consisted of: 

  • Problem solving with puzzles
  • Investigating the sharks teeth!
  • Zooming around on the floor, car mat and car garage with the cars
  • Role playing in home corner!

For group time today we focused on the topic TEETH!!! Miss Jess read a book called “Why should I brush my teeth?” all about teeth and how to keep them clean!! The children were very intrigued to see what they looked like and to discover what was inside each flap. We then investigated the set of teeth that Miss Nads gave to us and we helped clean out the yucky teeth and replacing them with new white ones. We spoke about when to brush our teeth and that brushing our teeth is VERY important. Soon after we got ready for morning tea as it was almost time for the DENTIST SHOW!!!!

Dental show: This was a fun educational way for the children to learn all about their teeth!

-In the show the lady talked about;

  • What foods to eat to make us big and strong just like our teeth?
  • Why do we go to the dentist?
  • How many sets of teeth we get?
  • What shape are they?

We also got to dance and show our big bright smiles! Some of our friends also got up the front to help brush the whales BIG teeth!!!! They loved the show!

Afterwards we went back to our room where Miss Gabi had set up two tables with activities on teeth. On one table the children were able to brush the tooth using ‘shaving foam’ to act like the toothpaste. On the other table the children brushed away the yucky stuff off the teeth to make them nice and shiny again. The children were VERY engaged in these activities and had a lot of fun learning about this topic.

Before lunch time we headed outside for a run and play before the rain came down again.

When we came inside as our delicious lunch was waiting, soon after we packed away and headed for our beds to rest our bodies for the afternoon♥

Thank you for today,

See you all soon♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx