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Good afternoon families,

Today in Toddlers two we started our Christmas festivities. This morning we welcomed Rumi, Millie, Lara, Ivy, Lincoln, Nikora, Abel, Tua, Dominic, Parker, Onyx, Nayla and Diego into the yard where they were able to play, explore and investigate. They climbed all over the playground, engaged in water play, and Miss Bec set up the blue softfall mats where they enjoyed practicing their roly-poly’s and their gymnastic ‘flips’.

We then sat down for group time where Miss Bec read us a new book that Miss Thais brought for us called ‘Santa’s Surprise’. The children enjoyed finding Santa, polar bears, elves and santa puppies within the pages of the book. We then sang our good morning songs and ‘bee bee bumble bee’ before we transitioned indoors to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

After morning tea, the children enjoyed some free play while we got our activities set up for the day. We split the children in half, where some were inside with Miss Thais and some were outside with Miss Bec and Maddi. Inside they enjoyed building a christmas tree and decorating it with baubles, bells and tinsel. The children got into the Christmas spirit as Miss Thais explained to them what and why they were doing this activity. Outdoors, Miss Bec and Maddi set up our art and craft messy play, Christmas activity. We got our big piece of cardboard out for the children to use their whole bodies to paint green. This will eventually be our cardboard christmas tree that we will put in our room as well. The children really enjoyed this messy play, and the ability to use their hands, feet, faces and bodies to paint everywhere. To clean up this activity, Miss Bec got out the hose and hosed us off before getting changed into some new clothes.

Miss Bec then gathered all the children for another group time, where we read another book and sang some Nursery Rhymes to celebrate ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’. We then sang bee bee bumble bee again before heading inside for lunch.

We are all now fast asleep and ready for a great afternoon.

Love, Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx