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Hello families and friends!

Welcome to another fun day in Toddlers Two Room!

We had a beautiful morning exploring the room. We had Alia from Babies 3 with us today and everyone was super busy and happy to explore.

We read a story today called “Alpacas with Maracas” and then Miss Thais got some new musical instruments out and we had a great time exploring the basket. We enjoyed a musical group time with Miss Thais. Dominic liked the tambourine, Willow choose the maracas, Parker enjoyed the xylophone and Alia liked the triangle. Everyone got a different musical instrument and loved to make new sound around the Room. We had a lot of fun!

The cars and block play were popular, so Miss Thais extended their interest drawing some cars and colouring with crayons. Dominic was very proud after his colouring as he showing to everyone.

After our pasta for lunch we enjoyed our relaxing sleep…

Love Miss Thais