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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Luca, Hendrix, Charlotte, Quinn, Dominic and Alanis.

We joined Miss Shelby on the mat for a story and songs, Miss Shelby read a multicultural story called My Mother’s Sari. Hendrix responded by saying the name of the book as he said ” My Mother’s Sari” while looking at the book Charlotte recognised there was the colour orange as she said ” orange” while pointing to the colour on the page. We also sang and did the actions to baby shark as Charlotte asked to sing the song with Quinn, Luca and Dominic joining in with Charlotte doing the actions to the song.

We then waited for our other friends to arrive was enjoying some morning tea, our friend Alanis joined us after morning tea. Quinn was our special helper today as she helped clean the table with the cleaning cloth.

Hendrix found Miss Shelby’s drum and drum sticks and asked to have a turn, our friend Charlotte and Quinn came over to join him having a turn at playing the drum.

Today the children made lanterns using red water paint to paint the Lanterns, Quinn,Charlotte and Alanis enjoyed decorating their lantern with the red paint. Miss Shelby also sang 5 little lanterns using lantern props.

Miss Shelby set up the magic sand with the molds for the children to explore and make things using the molds, while Charlotte and Alanis were busy doing their lantern painting Quinn, Hendrix, Dominic and Luca used the sand to fill up the different shaped molds.

Miss Thais sang some songs with the hand puppets -Hendrix was enjoying playing with  the spider puppet and crocodile puppet. Dominic showed interest in sitting on the toilet after he got a new nappy on, he showed happiness has we was smiling and laughing while siting on the toilet.

Alanis, Luca, Dominic and Hendrix were full of laughter and smiles today which we love seeing.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais