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Hello Families and Friends!!! 😊

What a fabulous day we`ve had around here this morning! Our day had been filled up with so much cuddles and smiles, our morning began with our friends welcoming Miss Jess (who is back from her holidays ) everyone was so happy to see her and excited to explore our resources. With the sun up and warm it was time to have some fun in the playground, looking for their self selected toys and games. The children enjoyed riding bikes around the yard, taking turns down the slide, playing with musical instruments and reading books under the sun. Was amazing to see our friends enjoying each other’s company, and giving BIG hugs when they see each other! ♥♥

After all this BIG fun play in the yard, we realized it was already time to start our morning routine. Just before we washed our hands all children sat down under the veranda for a group time. Today the children asked us to read the three little pig tale one more time, to make it more fun Miss Gabi and Miss Jess decided to do a little theatre using blocks in house shape and pictures of the three different type of houses to the children could properly “blow” it away! They loved being able to interact with the story! Once we finished it was time to sing our favourite rhyme song and then smoothly transition to wash our hands and enjoy our morning tea.

For morning tea today we had a delicious creamy pear quinoa porridge with a seasonal fresh fruits. 

With our tummies full we decided going for another BIG adventure. We raced to grab our hats and applied sunscreen before taking foot to the big slides playground to play under the warm sun. Over there our friends had so much fun engaging in some physical activities, they really enjoyed playing there, specially taking turns down the slides.
Some physical experiences the children engaged in today were:

  • Arakan – Practiced our reflex skills and showed how strong our muscles were as we punched the soft glove and it flew away!
  • Balance skills – Using great balancing skills a they walked over the obstacle course before jumping of onto the mat.
  • Playing catch and throw with the balls.
  •  Hiding themselves behind the tree and  playing a game of peek-A-Boo. The children also enjoyed looking for sticks throughout the yard and garden.
  •  A sensory play activity,  extending the children interest in the Three little pig Miss Gabi made a house using bark in a tray then invited the the toddlers to blow it away – they loved the imaginative play. 😊

wooow was so much fun, so much smiles, so much cuddles around here this morning!!! ♥

For lunch time today we had a another yummy and nutritive deal Roast vegie, avocado and pesto grills sandwich served with a delicious salad bar. 

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play in the afternoon!

With Love,
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope