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Happy Wet Thursday everyone, we hope your all having a wonderful week as we are here in the toddlers two room with all our beautiful children. Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph say a big welcome to Quinn, Dominic, Alanis, Everly, Lachlan, Luca, Willow as well as welcoming our new friend Conall.

After a play outside before it started to rain again we came inside and joined Miss Shelby for group time, today she brought out some Australian animal figurines to show us and we talked about what food they eat and where they live. Conall recognised and named the Koala as he said” Koala” everyone enjoyed having a turn at patting the Kangaroo and Koala  figurine. Miss Shelby also sang see the sleeping Kangaroo’s where the children laid down and jump up and hopped up and down like kangaroos and read the Lions sleeps to nights story as we listeded to the story from the cd player.

Today for art the children used the Kangaroo and Koala figures to paint with using red and blue paint. Quinn, Alanis, Willow, Lachlan also had fun using the animals to stamp up and down on the paper.

Mr Daniel joined us for Akakan this morning where Luca, Dominic, Conall were interested in practicing their strikes with the gloves.

Miss Shelby set up the play dough with some recycling materials using eggs cartons and cups, Miss Shelby sat down with Everly and Luca to make eggs using the play dough to extend on Luca’s interest yesterday of pretending to cut the play eggs . While Miss Shelby was rolling the play dough into balls to make the eggs and then placed them into the egg cartons both Everly and Luca helped her with them placing the balls as the eggs into the egg carton, Everly used her words to saying more to Miss Shelby when she wanted her make more eggs.

To extend on their interest of making eggs tomorrow Miss Steph will make some scrambled egg with the children, before lunch today Miss Shelby sat down to show the children some eggs and they helped place the eggs into the egg carton for us to put in the fridge for tomorrow. We leanrt how to count to five today as the children helped count the number of eggs in the egg carton, Quinn, Alanis and Luca did a great job at using their fingers to count and show the number five.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph