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Welcome to our Thursday.

Hello Families what a lovely day it was and I look forward to you reading all about it.

It was another wonderful day to explore and spend time with our friends around here. Our fantastic morning began with the children having so much fun in the yard with our friends from toddlers one. Everybody were so excited to play and explore the environment outside as they seek in search of their self selected sandpit toys, balls, books and more! They enjoyed the swing going up and down with Miss Maddi as she pushed the swing, happily they were saying ” HIGHER – HIGHER – HIGHER” and then laughing! The bikes was very popular with our friends as well, the children shared the bikes and helping each other to balance as well! It was amazing to see our friends enjoying each other’s company  ♥

The time flies when we are having so much fun with our friends – it was then time to get ready and start our morning routines. Before morning tea time we had Mr Daniel teaching us the special movements and tricks in ARAKAN MARTIAL ARTS.
For morning tea today we had a delicious and nutritive Scrummy Scrambled Easy Egg and Homemade Beans.

After morning tea  the adventure continued around here, we decided to stand back and enjoy the rest of our morning exploring our beautiful environment inside engaging in variety of learning opportunities. Such as the following;

  •  The children had so much fun in the face painting STATION with Miss Jess and Miss Hope as we continued focusing on emotions the children had the opportunity to choose a different face to be painted on heir hands or face and they LOVED it.
  • Face puzzle with Miss Gabi. As the children have been really intrigued in Puzzles Miss Gabi printed out different faces and cut them out. The children were then able to use their problem solving skills as they matched each part. 
  • Connecting with the connectors 
  • Racing the cars and trucks around on the car mat. 
  • Jackson and Noa really using their thinking skills as they helped Miss Jess find the characters from the book on the pages!! They both were so invested in finding all the characters such as bugs bunny, a fish and more! 

What a great morning it has been inside, we then helped to clean the room to make some space to make our beds. The children helped to make their own beds and it was nice to see other children helping each other. We then raced outside for a glorious time before our scrumptious lunch which was a Rainbow, Roast Veggie Buddha Bowl. When they had finished filling their tummies, they then walked to their bed for a restful sleep for this afternoons joy of fun.

P.S The photos are displayed in the book on the lockers for you all to see♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx