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Welcome to our fantastic Thursday♥

Hello families and friends of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre♥

Here is what we got up today!!! 

Morning Indoor play:

  • Exploring our new fine motor toys that we got for all children in Toddlers Two to enjoy!!
  • Reading a dinosaur book with Miss Maddi! The children  LOVE listening to stories and LOVE being able to interact with the books and do the actions or sounds they do too.
  • Using our great concentration skills as we build towers with the blocks.
  • Driving the cars up and down the car ramp and on the transportation mat.

After lots of exploration and adventure around the room, It was then time for group time before we washed our hands for morning tea. 

Group time:

  • As our last day of Nursery week as tomorrow we are having a Brazilian partyyyyy we focused on “Wheels on the bus” !!!! We lined up the chairs like a bus and sang “Wheels on the bus” the children responded really well and showed how well they can repeat the actions to the song and sing along too.
  • Repetition of rhyme and rhythm can help and enhance on their development of language and literacy skills, communication skills and so much more!! That is just a couple of reasons why we LOVE singing nursery rhymes so often, doing the actions and having fun with musical instruments and rhythm.

After morning tea all children roamed around the room and enjoyed to continue playing with the new toys!!! Miss Hope then did a fine motor craft activity where they children were able to thread the fishing line through the hole in the cupcake holders. Miss Hope offered help as well, they all did well at really concentrating to get it through to the other side! Before we knew it Mr Gary came for Arakan!!! We all pounced outside to show off our quick reflexes and to show that we could all listen and follow his instructions so well!!!

Afterwards we came inside to do some water painting activity! The children enjoy painting freely and using their inspiring imagination! It was then time to get ready for lunch before we went to lay on our beds to rest our bodies for the journey ahead this afternoon♥

Don’t forget that it is a BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL PARTY TOMORROW! You are more than welcome to dress your children in some of their wonderful costumes or a cultural outfit!!

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx