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Happy Thursday♥

Hello and welcome families to our day here in the Toddler Two room on this glorious day filled with excitement, adventure, happiness and smiles.

We started the beautiful day off outside with the children as they were able to explore their outdoor environment in such lovely weather. The children trotted off to a variety of things to do outside from using our great strength to climb the beams before jumping off onto the mat with glee as we held Miss Jess’s hand. Chalk board drawing has been a lot of fun and the children have been enjoying drawing with chalk! Playing a catch game with Miss Jess and oh mighty the children are little pocket rockets with speed.

When all our friends had arrived we then ventured to the indoor environment, the children spotted the cardboard boxes that were left from our awesome new wooden trucks! The all were so excited and happy to play with the boxes, the smiles they had on their faces as they scoped them out before sitting in them, filling them up with blocks and even wearing the small ones as hats.

The children also had a joyful time playing with the new trucks, building with the blocks and role playing in home corner. Before we knew it, it was time to clean up before group time. For group time today Miss Jess read the tractor book and individually would ask the children if they could find something on each page. They all did a wonderful job. We then sang ”Bee, bee bumble bee” to transition to washing hands before morning tea. As the children sat together eating morning tea Miss Shae showed them the dough they helped make this morning for the Holy festival of colour  celebrations on Monday!! The dough will be dried out for 24hrs before blending it up to a dust constancy to reveal a Holy throwing flour.

On Monday for the children’s enjoyment if possible to bring along a light coloured shirt or (white) that can get stained….Thank you in advance!! ♥

As we all finished morning tea, Mr Dan arrived for Arakan where we practiced our fast hand and eye coordination’s!! The children did a great job at staying super focused during their Arakan time. Thank you Mr Dan and see you next week!  Today we had a practice fire drill! Miss Hope practiced with the children holding on to the rope and walking together around the room so the children were confident in walking while holding each circle on the rope when it came to evacuate. They all did a spectacular job in walking so nicely down to the evacuated area in the carpark! Afterwards we headed back to our classroom after we made sure everyone was accounted for and safe. The children then were able to set off journeying around the outdoor environment before it was time to come inside for lunch and to rest their bodies to recharge for this afternoons joyful time with all their friend and teachers.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx