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Terrific Thursday

Hello and welcome to our terrific Thursday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. This morning as the children hoped on outside, they showed their teachers and peers what awesome dress ups they had on for the last day of book week. The children enjoyed a variety of things outside this morning such as;

  • Sliding down the slides with glee
  • Making soup in the sandpit amongst other tasty ‘’food’’
  • Playing a game of ‘hide and seek’
  • Going up and down on the sea saw

As the morning was going by with what felt like a blink of an eye! We all headed inside to start our morning routine. Today in group time Miss Jess read the book ‘’It is okay to different’’ before we sang ‘’Bee bee bumble bee to wash hands before they enjoyed their morning tea.

As they all packed away, they washed their hands and were ready to show their quick reflex skills in Arakan!! In Arakan today they showed how fast they were at running, alternating between left and right hands and more! Afterwards they all came inside to dance to ‘’Baby Shark’’ in front of the Baby Shark back drop that Kynells Mum let us enjoy, BIG THANKYOU! Throughout the morning they ventured around the room freely to find something they wanted to do.

  • Reading books of their choice with Miss Jess
  • Building a seat with the wooden blocks and feeling VERY proud when they had finished with Miss Hope
  • Sensory play on the table with Miss Gabi, so far playdough is one of the most enjoyable activities for the toddler’s kids. Squeezing, rolling, and cutting the children enjoyed making different shapes and improve their cutting skills using the playdough scissors.
  • It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 😊

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

We also, would like to say a BIG THANK you for all parents that engage in our National Book Week this week, you guys are rock!  😊

Enjoy the long weekend!!! Stay safe and we look forward for seeing everybody back on Monday!
With love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope