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Happy Thursday our toddler two families

What beautiful weather we had today so we spent the morning outside with our toddler one friends where Dominic and Luca were filling up buckets and cups with water from the tap, Luca was also laying down on the swing pushing himself forwards and back, Conall was interested in the trucks in the sandpit as he was pushing one through the sand and also going down the big slide while Everlea was climbing up the ramp and going down the big slide by herself.

During morning tea time Dominic said ”more cake” and Luca said ” me” when Miss Ana asked the children who would like more banana. After morning tea Willow, Luca and Alanis joined Miss Ana for a story, while looking at the pictures in the book Luca used his words to name what he could see saying egg and bunny.


Miss Shelby brought the bikes inside, Conall used his words to say ”bike please” when given a bike he rode around the room. Luca and Dominic also were riding on the bikes, they showed us how cleaver they are by riding backwards.

Conall painted his Easter basket today with different coloured paint while painting his basket Miss Shelby was helping hold onto the handle of the basket, he said to Miss Shelby ” me hold please”. Alanis decorated her Eater basket today with different Easter foam decorations, she was proud of her own achievement showing Miss Shelby want she had done. Luca recognised and named the pink coloured paint saying ”pink” while pointing to the pink paint in the tray.

other interests today were puzzles, connector pieces where together with the children Miss Shelby was helping them connect them together to make circle shapes- Willow recognised the shape saying” circle” Everlea was enjoying listening to music and Conall pretended he was talking on the telephone.

Miss Shelby and Miss Ana