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Good afternoon friends and family!

This morning we welcomed our friends, Lincoln, Millie, Ivy, Tua, Nayla, Parker, Diego, Lara, Onyx, Nikora and Zahra. We started our morning playing with our friends in the playground. We gave some of the children egg cartons where they pretended to cook some eggs in the sandpit. Some of the other children enjoyed free water play, and some were happy to ride bikes and play amongst themselves.

Miss Thais then sat us down for a group time where we sang some nursery rhymes including “open shut them” and “the wheels on the bus”, Miss Parminder even came into the room for a bit and taught us ‘one finger, two finger’ song where we end up pointing to each body part as the name is said. We then sang bee bee bumble bee before we transitioned inside to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Bec asked the children who would like to go outside with Miss Maddi and who would like to stay inside with Miss Thais and Bec, splitting them into three smaller groups. Outdoors, the children played with Maddi and even visited the ‘big open yard’ where they were able to run free, slide down different slides and move around in a different space to usual. We extended egg carton play with “planting”  christmas trees in the egg carton with leaves and sand. Indoors, Miss Thais and Bec set up two art and craft tables, on one, Miss Bec had cut out our cardboard Christmas tree, and some of the children spent time gluing their decorations on, and on the other table Miss Thais had some of the children making more decorations for the tree, with glitter, string and confetti. They loved it!

It was then time to pack away and get ready for lunch. We sat down for group time outdoors, read ‘Santa’s surprise’ and then transitioned inside to wash our hands.

We have had a very Christmassy day here in Toddler Two!

Love, Miss Bec, Thais and Maddi xx