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Hello Families and Friend! 😊
Happy Thursday and a warm welcome from toddlers Two!

Today we welcomed In our team: Avery, Adem, Jackson, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Kynell, Peyton, Max and Noa!

What an excellent day we are having around toddlers today. Our day started with our friends putting they hats and sunscreen on to going to a big adventure. This morning we decided enjoying the sunshine, freely outside in the big slide yard.

Looking for their self-selected games the children enjoyed playing with:

– Slides – Our friends are loving to use this different playground more often, they love to go down the slide then going up in the stairs and then go again, and again. We love how the children have become so confident in exploring the big slides.

– Trees – In the yard we have trees in the grass part, and the children are loving be in there looking for rocks, leaves, sticks or just exploring around. Today they decided to play peekaboo, so they run to the tree “hide” themselves then said “PEEKABOO” then laughing! 😊

– Obstacle course – Our friends had a great fun in the obstacle course, developing they gross motor skills, they did a beautiful job climbing, balancing their self then practicing the “big” jumps.

– Arakan – Mister Daniel comes over this morning to teach our friends the special movements from the Arakan martial art.
Extending in the children interest for the peekaboo game, Miss Gabi selected two special books about the jungle animal hiding in the forest to read to our friends in our story time / group time. Then everybody sat down around and listened very carefully to the story and guessed what was behind the flaps in the book. They loved this type of book! 😊

The time flies when we are having fun, then was time to came inside the classroom to sing songs then starts our morning routines.

For our Morning tea today, we had a very yummy Vegan French Toast served with delicious triple berry compote and fresh fruits.
After morning tea, we continued setting back into and exploring our wonderful environment outside. The children continue engage in riding bikes, playing in the see saw, run over the bridge in the tree house and much more.
For our group experience today, we pay attention and respected to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture ”reflecting on our acknowledgment of the country and we did a artwork to celebrate it. Using yellow, white, black, and red paint and cotton buds to design our own feet that will be part of our “we all walking together” wall – when we will have a wall in respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture ”.

It was so much going on, so much noise, and so much fun around here today! 🙂

For our lunch time we had another delicious and nutritive meal a Cheeky Mexican Black bean tortilla melts with guacamole.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play in the afternoon!

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With Love

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Denise