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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Dominic welcome our fiends, Luca, Alanis, Conall, Willow, Lachlan, Everly, Parker and Dominic.

We started our day inside with our toddler one friends, When Miss Steph arrived she sat down to read Roar! when the lion. Parker came over to join her, Miss Shelby noticed a lizard was outside so her friends Lachlan, Parker and Conall came over to the window to see the lizard with Lachlan saying ” there it is” and Conall recognising what he could see by saying ”lizard”.

We had a busy morning having some pretend play in home-corner, playing dress-ups with the skeleton and snow white costumes which Dominic and Luca were enjoying dressing up in the snow white costume and Conall wearing the skeleton costume. We had some relaxation time to calm our bodies where Willow, Luca, Dominic, Alanis, Conall and Lachlan demonstrated how they lay down resting their whole body and Parker was showing kindness to his friend Willow by giving her cuddles. While having our relaxation time Miss Shelby said ” who can touch their toes” Dominic, Lachlan and Luca responded by grabbing their toes with their hands and pulling their feet up to them head.

Before morning tea time the children joined Miss Steph to learn a new jungle song- walking in the jungle. When finishing his morning tea Conall used his words to say ” i want to pack away” and then helped to pack away his plate and drink bottle, all the children are also helping to pack away after themselves.


Miss Steph sat down with the children to apply sunscreen to go outside, all the children are responding really well to helping apply their own sunscreen and we then adventured outside for a play, inside Miss Shelby was busying setting up a jungle art activity. One by one the children were asked if they wanted to do a tiger collage with Everly, Dominic, Lachlan, Willow and Conall choosing do have a turn.

While doing their tiger collage it was so lovely hearing the children use their words with Everly saying ” my turn”  and recognising and naming the tigers leg as she pointed to  where the leg is saying ” leg”. Conall pointing to the tigers mouth and saying ” mouth”, Alanis said ”ta” when Miss Shelby gave her the black stripes to glue on and Dominic said ” Yay” which clapping his hands after doing his collage.


Miss Shelby and Miss Steph