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Colourful Thursday♥

Warm welcome families of the Toddlers Two room and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. What a beautiful journey we have had today and I look forward to sharing with you.

This morning we started in the Toddlers one room as we waited for more friends to arrive before we skipped to the outdoors. The children ventured off with glee. They explored the gardens and playing a game of peek- a boo behind the bushes. Balancing on the balancing beams before they jumped off with excitement. Riding the bikes around the yard as well as mowing the grass with the toy mower. Swinging calmly in the breeze on the swing. Showing how fast they were as they did running races with Miss Jess! What a joyful morning outside and now it was time to head indoors as we started group time.

For group time today Miss Jess welcomed our friends Peyton and Avery to our class as they spent the morning with your cherubs and teachers. We then read a book called ”Hippo Hiccups” The children were ALL super engaged and intrigued by this book and showed great listening and concentration skills. Just before we ended group time we sang ”Wheels on the bus” The children did so well at copying the actions and signing along! It was then time to sing ”Bee, Bumble Bee” to transition to washing hands before morning tea.

When all children had filled their tummies, they helped to pack away before we went outside for Arakan with Mr Dan!!! The children were so excited!! In Arakan today they practiced their quick reflex skills as well as following instructions. We then said goodbye to Mr Dan before heading back inside for indoor free play as well as art.

During free play this morning the children explored dancing, role playing in home corner with their friends, building with the blocks, spontaneously reading stories and playing with the cars and trucks. As the children were all happily playing Miss Hope called one friend by one to participate in art. We are still focusing on colours this week so today we did painting with the colours of the rainbow! The children held onto the pegs as they used the cotton buds to paint with. A they painted Miss Hope would ask the children what colour they were using, some children needed a bit of help with colour recognition but they did well and made beautiful art.

As time was flying by it was time to help pack away as a team (they all work together so well and help pack away so lovely) As the room was done we headed outside before scrumptious lunch and a restful reenergised sleep.

This afternoon if it does not rain and not too cool we will head outside for a joyful afternoon with all our friends and teachers.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx