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Happy Thursday everyone!!!

 We begin our morning outdoor with our friends from Toddler One. We started to followed Miss Thais and listened the song “We’re going to the dragon Hunt” requested by Harry from Toddler One. The children loved to listen the song and pretend to be a dragon making “dragon noises”.

 Miss Jess came to visit us today and left the Jumping castle for us to play! The children were looking through the gate while Miss Jess was filling the jumping castle for us! The children had a lot of fun jumping over there! Parker got so excited and was the first one to start to jumping.

 After lots of fun outdoor this morning. We hoped into the Room and got ready for morning tea. We enjoyed delicious Raspberry Crumble cake and homemade custard. Once we finished our delicious morning tea, we got cleaned up and got straight into lots of fun activities.

 Miss Thais read the Book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” and the children could practice the colours while Miss Thais was showing to them the images and repeating the name of the colours again.

 Later in the morning Miss Thais did the activity colouring the images from “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” Dominic coloured the “red bird” and Parker coloured the “Blue horse”. They started to recognized the colours and the name of the animals from the Book.

 We had a fabulous day in the Toddler Two today!

 I see you tomorrow!!!

Love Miss Thais