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Hello families,

Today we welcomed back Alia into to Toddlers Two after being on a big holiday! She was very happy to see your friends and meet her new friends that have joined us while she was gone. This morning we spent our time inside the room where the children enjoyed self-select play, where they chose to play with farm animals, set up the train track, and the baby dolls. The children are really developing an understanding of role play, and enjoy it amongst their friends with the baby dolls and their accessories. We then sat down on the mat for group time before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea.

Today, Abel and his family brought in an activity for us to share as a room to celebrate Christmas. We got to decorate our own Australian animal Christmas ornament to hang on our tree. How cool! Thanks, Abel, we loved it 🙂 After each of our friends had made their own ornament, Miss Bec and Maddi took our friends out to the big yard which we rarley go to and we loved it! We enjoyed using our strong bodies to climb up the slide, get to the top, tell Miss Bec our name and slide all the way down. Some of our friends enjoyed digging in the garden as well. It was so good for them to have a change of environment and get all of their energy out.

We then were all hot and bothered so we sat down, had a big drink of water and sang some songs including “the wheels on the bus” “one little finger” and “open shut them” before going inside for lunch.

We are all having a great snooze and resting our bodies for a great arvo.

Don’t forget, our Christmas party is on Monday and we need all RSVP’s in by tomorrow please 🙂

Much love, Miss Bec, Thais and Maddi xx