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 Hello Families and Friends! ♥

Happy Thursday and a super warm welcome from Toddlers Two classroom!.

Today we had a fabulous day exploring our toddlers environment indoor and outdoor and enjoying the company of our friends. Our day began with our friends enjoying the sunlight and the fresh breeze in the yard area,  following the children interest we went to visit our beautiful vegetable garden to give it much needed water and love, and discovered what new plants had already grown. The children were VERY enthusiastic in the garden as they enjoyed filling up their watering cans with water before they then watered the veggies. As the children were exploring the garden they came across the worm farm! They got curious about this and wanted to check them out! It is great to see the children taking care of the garden and delicious fresh veggies! It was then time to head back to the slide part of the playground and have some fun playing with our friends, rocking on the dinosaur, playing a ball game and sliding down on the big slides! 

Also this morning we had Mr Dan visiting us. He brought out his knowledge about the ARAKAN martial art to teach our friends some special tricks, and having so much fun training our fast reflexes. The children love Arakan, in the class they are able to practice their physical movements and also they concentration skills.

Woow what a busy started of morning we had around here, all this fun exploring and engaging with our environment made our friends so hungry, then was time to came inside the classroom to have a BIG drink of water and a relaxing time to enjoy our morning tea. For morning tea today we had very yummy Vegan French Toast served with delicious triple berry compote and fresh fruits.

With our tummies full was time to explore the room and engage in a variety of fun play experiences as a:

♥ Adem, Edward, Cameron and Jackson enjoyed building with magnetic blocks big towers then pushed it way and say: ” OH NOOO”
♥ Spencer, Noah, Leiana and Max enjoyed pretending they are cooking to each other then saying ” DINER IS READY”, then pretending they were eating the food making ” yummy yummy noises”
♥ Avery, Peyton enjoyed playing with the puppets – putting their hands inside it and then talking with it, and pretending the puppets they were talking back ad with each other.
♥ Kynell, Edward, Spencer and Jackson enjoyed spent time playing in the car site.

In our group experience today we offered the children a Winter sensory tray – In a tray we set up, animals, natural dried eucalypt leaves and shave cream (pretending it was snow) and let the children play with. The loved to cover the animals in “snow” and also making animal noises but for sure the best part of the experience was feeling the foam in their hands . Sensory activities encouraging children to explore with their senses also, supported  language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction and the more important part of the experience OUR FRIENDS LOVE MESSY PLAY! .

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning in the toddlers’ classroom.
Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

For lunch time we had another delicious and nutritious meal a Cheeky Mexican Black bean tortilla melts with guacamole. The children filled their tummies (this was a hit today!) They then packed away before heading to their beds for a beautiful rest. This afternoon due to the weather, we will continue to have a joyful time inside.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx