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Good afternon families!!! Today we welcome our friends Dominc, Quinn, Ivy, Alanis, Luca and Latika with Miss Thais and Miss Nicky in Toddler two Room.

We started our day exploring the yard. Quinn and Ivy were busy in the sandpit while Dominc was using the wheelbarrow to carry the ball. We stayed out here until around 9:10 and then walked around the back into our room. We had a group time reading and then washed our hands and got ready for morning tea!

Later in the morning was time for Arakan Martial activity. The children couldn`t wait to go outside again. They watched Toddlers one friends from the window and as soon as they finished Toddlers two was called. All of them participated very well!!!

The Toddler friends favourite thing to do is climb up and slide down, so Miss Thais set up the Room today with a balancing beam. They love it!!!

Miss Thais played some nursery rhymes. “Row Row Row your boat” was successful today!!! Quinn and Luca danced together listening it.

Thanks for a wonderful day today in Toddlers two Room!!

Miss Thais