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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph say a big welcome to our wonderful friends Luca, Willow, Chanel, Alanis, Parker, Dominic, Everly, Lachlan and Conall.

We started our day outside with our toddler one friends before coming inside to wash our hands for morning tea. Everyone then joined Miss Shelby for group time where today they learnt a new song ”twinkle, twinkle, traffic light” they learnt that red means stop, green means go and yellow means slow. Alanis , Luca, Parker and Chanel put their hands up in the air while Miss Shelby was singing the song.

To extend on the children enjoying watering the plants outside Miss Shelby read ” my green day” which teaches the children about different ways to look after our environment, as they children could see worms in the book Miss Shelby taught the children a song worm song ” I went to the wiggly worm farm” while singing the song Luca said ”more” and Lachlan was doing the actions with his hands and saying wiggle, wiggle”.

We continued with our focus on transport today with Miss Shelby bringing in the Ute frame which allows the children to have pretend play as they pretend to drive the Ute. Everly and Conall helped bring the wooden bikes in the room today which was enjoyed by the children taking in turns to ride around the room.

Other interests of the children were Conall and Chanel were happily playing with the ball tunnel game where they demonstrated sharing and turn taking with the balls, Willow, Lachlan, Parker and were busy with Miss Shelby building towers with the coloured pegs as they placed the pegs in the wholes on peg board and stacked the pegs on top of each other. Everly ,Alanis and Willow were having some quiet time at the drawing table and Dominic and Luca were playing dress ups with the fire fighter jackets.

The children were given the choice to participate in Arakan with Mr Daniel with Dominic, Luca, Conall, Alanis and Lachlan all wanting to go outside with Mr Daniel. Together they followed directions as he played ”Simon says”.


Miss Shelby and Miss Steph