Good Afternoon Toddler Two,

This morning Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi welcomed Parker, Millie, Rumi, Abel, Ivy, Dominic, Tua, Nikora, Nayla, Lincoln, Onyx and Diego into the yard where they rode bikes, explored through water and messy play with the sand.

We transitioned inside the Room where we had our morning tea and then sat down on the mat where Miss Thais asked the children to hold each other hands to make a circle. We put on our hats and used our self helps skills to reapply sunscreen before venturing into the playground.

Today we are celebrating “Outdoor Day” so we decided to spent the morning outdoor playing with sensory playdough, reading books and with puppets. Miss Thais did a “puppet show” where the children sat down and listened to her, interacting with her and the “puppets”.

We sang our songs four Group Time and transitioned inside again, where the children had their lunch and now are resting their bodies after this busy day in Toddlers Two Room

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Bec