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Happy wet rainy Thursday everyone!! today Miss Steph and Miss Shelby welcome our friends Luca, Dominic, Alexia, Alanis, Quinn, Willow, Poppy and Everly.

Today we spent the day inside due to the crazy weather happening outside, while we waited for all our fiends to arrive Quinn and Willow were busy exploring the cow floor puzzle piece with they figuring out how to connect the pieces together to create the cow puzzle, Quinn used her words to say ” cow , moo moo”. Alexia had a turn at putting together the tractor puzzle while Luca was exploring the farm house and the animal pieces and he found the pig piece where he said ”pig”.

Poppy brought in a book where she sat down with her dad to read the story before he started work, She also asked Miss Shelby if she could read it to her so together they sat down to look at the pictures and recognise what they could see.

Today Miss Emma joined us to sing a very special song, she sang and did the actions to a kiwi songs about a lock ness monster. The children were engaging in what MISS Emma was doing as she used her hands to do the different actions to the song. Both Luca and Quinn did a amazing job at learning the actions as they both copied what Miss Emma was doing, Luca was especially engaged as he said over and over ” again” wanting Miss Emma to sing it again.

Miss Shelby brought in another spot book – Spot goes shopping, while looking at the pictures in the book Dominic recognise and named the apple saying ”apple” as he pointed to the apple on the page and the sun as he pointed to where the sun was saying ”sun”.

Miss Steph made some purple play dough and added some lavender to the play dough, the children gathered around to help her make the play dough as the ingredients were put on a tray in front of them to help mix the ingredients together on the tray. Miss Steph talked to them about the smell and feel of the play dough.

Luca, Quinn, Conall, Dominic, Willow, Alanis, Everly and Alexia coloured in a Maori mask with coloured crayons for Waitangi day today.


In our room there is a easel for you to write your child’s interests as we would love to hear anything they are interested in at home or have been doing on the weekends.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph