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Happy Thursday♥

 Hello and welcome families to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning ♥

What a joyful morning it was as all children were eager to head outside for a great big morning play with all their friends and teachers. A lot of fun was had on the bikes as they used their great leg strength to zoom around the bike track! Some children enjoyed climbing the obstacle course, which is awesome as this enhances greatly on their gross motor and balancing skills. So much exploration was happening throughout the yard (playing in the garden, water play, playing in the sand pit, seeking for the horses in the paddock). Reading has been a desired thing to do too! Some children sat down and enjoyed listening to Miss Jess reading a book about animals and “Spot Easter” book. Reading to children is important as it helps them develop language and listening skills, it also helps inspire their imagination.

After this morning adventure it was time to head inside and get ready for our mini group time and transition to morning tea. Today in group time Miss Jess sang “Once I caught a fish alive” and “Open shut them” The children responded well to these songs. We then sang “Bee Bee bumble be” to say our name to transition to wash our hands before eating. All children are becoming confident and involved learners and it is wonderful to see.

After morning tea all children ventured around the room and selected various of activities to play with such as building with the soft blocks, we counted as we built the towers, the children counted along with help. This enhances significantly on their number skills and it is great to implement counting whenever possible. Home corner has been popular lately too, it is nice to see our friends using their great imagination as they explore this area. The cars, and sensory board was liked by a few too.

Miss Gabi then had a surprise for our friends! BALLLOONS!!! Before Miss Gabi handed the balloons out our friends had to say what colour a balloon was first, some children had assistants in doing so but all did wonderful at colour recognition and understood.

It was then time to join back on the carpet for some fun dance activities such as “Sleeping Bunnings” and ‘’Baby shark” to shake all our sillies out before calming down ready for some books with Miss Jess. Miss Jess read the book called ‘’Counting to 10”. After this your little ones helped make their beds before lunch. This helps enhances on their self-help skills and they all are confident in doing so.

Today at lunch time all children showed how clever they were and drinking out of a cup! After our delicious and nutrient lunch, it was then time for our friends to rest their bodies for a fun filled afternoon.

Thank You for today♥

See you all soon,


Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx