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Today we welcome our friends Luca, Ivy, Quinn, Charlotte, Dominic, Hendrix and Alanis. This morning when Miss Shelby arrived with her son Bentley look responded by saying baby and giving him cuddles and Quinn came over and was showing kindness to Bentley by touching him on the head nicely which was beautiful to see.

Thais, we started our day joining Miss Shelby on the mat for story time where Miss Shelby read Peek a boo- Quinn, Hendrix, Luca, Alanis, Dominic all had a turn at opening the flip flap to say peek boo. Luca said Peek a boo when he opened the flip flap.The children also got to look in the mirror when miss Shelby read Hello Baby! and said ‘’ who can you see in the mirror. Hendrix responded by saying ‘’its Hendrix, Ivy said ‘’me’’, Charlotte said ‘’ I can see me, Charlotte’’ and Dominic responded by  kissing the mirror while Luca smiled at himself in the mirror.

Today we extend on the children interest by making some sugar sand using caster sugar and yellow and red coloured dye, our friend helped mix the sugar and dye together to make the sugar sand and then explored the sand texture through their hands. While making the sand Miss Thais added water to the mixture and Charlotte responded by saying ‘’water is very, very hot’’ while the others were playing with the sand Charlotte said to Miss Shelby  ‘’ no it’s to dirty when she was asked if she wanted to play it the sand.

We adventured back outside again to wash the tables and chairs as they were very dirty from our sand play, our friend Ivy, Luca, Charlotte and Hendrix helped carry the chairs outside before getting our hats on and helping to wash the tables and chairs with the warm soapy water and cloths.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais