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Sunshine Thursday ♥
Hello families and friends, welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room! What a beautiful day it has been today. 😊
We started our day exploring our beautiful environment outside with a nice fresh air and warm sunshine!

Playground experiences we engaged in today include:
– Sandpit – they were sharing the sand toys, helping each other making sand cupcake, fill in trucks and bucket with sand and transporting to other part in the yard.
– Obstacle course was one of the hits at this morning too, they enjoyed climbing the obstacles, walking practicing their balance and then give a BIG jump on top the soft mattress that is on the ground.
– Riding bike – Taking turns in the little bikes our friends enjoyed going fast around the yard in the little push bike.
– Arakan – Mister Daniel was here to teach was some of the Arakan action, our friends practiced their jump skill, coordination, and a good stretching for started our day.

The time flies when we are having so much fun with our friends, then it was time for a pack away the playground and seat down for our group time. Before our morning teatime we song our favourites rhyme nursery songs and our transition song for washing our hands and get already for morning tea.
With our tummies full was time to exploring our classroom, today in our group play Miss Gabi did an incredibly special set up in our room continuing focus on transport. She made a car site using tape for tracing in the floor a road for our friends plays with the car, also she made different shapes using the soft blocks for our friends driving the little car up and down. We also selected a nice part to play with the train tracks and stick it in the car site for extending our play. Our friends absolutely loved the play they got very engage in the experience – this week has been focusing on transporting for extending most of our friends interest on car, trucks and trains.

What a super fabulous day of fun play in the toddlers room today. Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!
Also, this afternoon we will have a little party for celebrate JACKSON CLAYTON birthday that was yesterday.


Check out the photos.

With love,

Miss Gabi and Miss Jess