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Good afternoon and happy Thursday!

This morning Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi welcomed Nayla, Tua, Dominic, Lara, Onyx, Aria, Parker, Nikora, Willow, Alia, Abel and Millie into the yard. The children explored through water play, making sandcastles, digging deep holes in the sand, riding bikes and throwing the balls around the yard. We then sat down where Miss Bec read us the book ‘Mr Tickle’, and sang our good morning song before we went inside for morning tea.

After morning tea the children happily explored the room and engaged in free-choice play. Miss Thais sat down with the children and show to them some image about the sun and moon. We also extended it explained the weather and show to our friends the sun and the storm image and asked our friends how was the weather today. Some of them were very curious about it and had a look through the door.

Some children then transitioned outdoors while the other Group decided to be indoor doing a gluing activity. They could choose between to glue the moon or sun. So Miss Thais asked them what they prefer. The children displayed very good fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully spread glue all over their paper. They really enjoyed it!

Tomorrow Able is turning two and this afternoon we are going to share some ice blocks and sing Happy birthday to him. Happy Birthday Abel!!!

Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Bec