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Hello families,

We hope you’re all having a safe and enjoyable Thursday!

Today we began our morning next door playing with our friends from Toddlers One due to the weather where we had the opportunity to jump and climbing in their climb obstacles inside the Room. Later in the morning, we transitioned to our Room where we washed our hands and sat at the table for morning tea.

We started our day warming our bodies with some “Freeze Dance song” requested by Parker. Parker and Alia also enjoyed the dancing holding each other hands. We have been practicing dancing holding your friend’s hands with Miss Thais. It’s so nice to see them dancing!

Later in the morning, we got Lincoln and Ivy from Babies 3 to spend some time with us. Miss Thais sat with them and read a Book “What’s the weather”. After the reading was a good time for us to check the weather through our window. Miss Thais asked them :” – What`s the weather today?” Dominic said: “sunny” and Alia said “raining”.

Miss Thais did a Group Time experience with them called “Rain cloud in a Jar”, but we used a bucket instead of a jar. We make a rain cloud in a bucket, was a fun and easy way to teach our friends how it rains. The children loved the magical wow factor and everyone got the chance to squeeze and “make it rains”.

We had yummy pizza today and our friends loved it! =)

Love Miss Thais