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Hello families and Friends! 
Happy shinny Thursday

Under the beautiful shinny and bright sunlight, they started in the playground area welcoming our classmates and educators with a big smile and cuddles. One by one our friends were arriving in nice yellow clothes; everyone was happy this morning. It is wonderful to see how we have been growing amazing and positive relationships in between both toddler’s classroom and the children are developing an incredible friendship. 😊
Engaging in group play, a few of the favourited things in the yard continuing to be the balance bike, the children loving pushing the little bikes around the yard, and each day their balance skills are getting better. Sandpit still a very popular spot in the yard, as well, they enjoyed using the big blue shovels to dig holes in the sand.
The time flies when we are engaging in our favourite experience, as it was time to go inside and start our morning routine.
Today is a National Day of Action reminding everyone that every day is a day to ask, “ARE YOU OK?” and care for our friends. So, for our group time we read a book called “When I’m feeling loved?” then Miss Jess asked the children “who do you feel loved by?”  Noa said: “My dad and mum” and Mia said, “My mum too”. Is so important in the early stages of helping children build their mental wellness scaffolding and creating a sense of empathy for those around us. 😊
Once our group time had finished it was time to sing our transition song and smoothly transition for hand washing and morning teatime.

When the children had packed away, they ventured around the room in seek of their next play experience. From building towers with Miss Jess to role-playing in-home corner, racing the cars around on the car mat and problem solving with puzzles. What a lovely morning it had been, it was then time for ARAKAN with Mr Tim. Throughout Arakan they were able to practice their fast reflex skills, enhancing on listening to instructions and alternating between left and right. Afterwards they said goodbye to Mr Tim as they received a sticker and took foot around the playground before delicious lunch and reenergising rest.

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx