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Today we had a full room with 11 friends, today welcome Hendrix, Charlotte, Dominic, Alanis, Lachlan H, Grace, Everly, Lachlan B ,Luca and Ivy.

Our Friends Dominic, Lachlan B, Luca and Hendrix joined Miss Shelby on the mat while our Friends Charlotte, Lachlan H and Quinn had a play with the toddler one children and we awaited for all our other friends and Miss Thais to arrive. While playing on the mat with Miss Shelby Hendrix, Luca, Dominic and Lachlan B explored the wooden coloured looking glass blocks. Lachlan said to Miss Shelby ”look i can see you” and Hendrix said ” i can see blue” as he held up the block to his eyes, he also followed and extended on his own interest as he used his toy mickey to pick up the looking glass blocks- saying to Miss Shelby ” look Mickey is doing it”. Dominic was busy building with the blocks and Luca named the blue blocks saying” blue”.

Today Miss Shelby set up the red and green play dough we created yesterday with some special Christmas cutters she brought, the children were excited to play with this activity as they all came over to sit down at the table. The children used the different shapes Christmas cutters to press down into the play dough to create the design. Charlotte said to Miss Shelby ” can you make a ball” and Lachlan B said ” I’m making a ball”.

Miss Thais and Miss Shanaya continued with the Reindeer art and craft as they painted Luca and Quinn’s hand and foot prints, both Quinn and Luca thought it was funny getting their hand and foot painted as they both laughed. Everly was busy creating her special Christmas gift for her mum and dad.

Miss Thais had some Conversation reading time with Charlotte, Everly and Luca, while looking at a book Miss Thais talked to them about what shapes and colours they can see.

Other Interests of the children :

Dominic- found the monkey handing up in the room and pointed to it was

Quinn- playing peek a boo with Miss Shelby

Charlotte- pretending to talk on the telephone

Alanis- loved sitting on the new chairs on home-corner area

Hendrix and Lachlan B – looking at themselves in the mirrors

Luca and Lachlan B – sharing the wooden shape puzzle

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais