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Good afternoon families, happy Tuesday!

This morning was nice and warm so as soon as we could we went outside. We welcomed Parker, Nayla, Onyx, Alanis, Lachlan, Dominic, Nikora, Millie, Ivy, Rumi and our new friend Macsen!

For our outside play today, our friends enjoyed reading books together, riding bikes around the track, digging deep holes in the sandpit! We then transitioned to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea together.  For group time as it is Naidoc week and our friends are loving playing with baby dolls lately; so we painted our dolls in yellow, black and red with cotton tips. Our friends were given the opportunity to choose to engage in our activity or play in home corner or transport corner.

For a special treat, we also whipped out some dress ups!! Nayla, Onyx, Dominic and Parker esspecially loved dancing and twirling around!  After a big morning of play we sat down together and read some books, washed our hands and ate a big yummy lunch!

Have a beautiful afternoon!

Much love; Miss Maddi, Thais and Bec x x x