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Today we welcome our friends Lachlan H, Hendrix, Luca, Charlotte, Lachlan B, Alanis, Quinn and Dominic with Miss Shelby, Miss Thais and Miss Danica who came to help us out and have a play with us which the children loved.

This morning before morning tea we joined Miss Shelby on the mat for group time with puppets, felts and props where we sang and did the actions to 5 little ducks,Baa, baa, black, sheep, 5 fat sausages and 5 speckled frogs. The children showed kindness and gentleness to baa baa the sheep as they gave him a cuddle, kiss and a pat, they also got to have a turn at holding on the duck puppets and sausages from the pan.

Today we extended on the children’s interest of cars by making cars doing collage, the children were provided with a picture of art, craft glue, coloured confetti and coloured glitter to decorate their car.

Miss Shelby also provided some crayon drawing to focus on the children’s fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as well as being able to hold onto the crayon correctly.

When Miss Gabbi arrived for yoga this morning the children were so excited to see her that they all gave her a big hug, Quinn, Charlotte, Luca, Dominic and Hendrix did a amazing job at doing the downward dog position. They enjoyed catching bubbles and singing the ”good morning” song and puppy song. To relax their bodies they laid down the yoga mat waiting for Miss Gabbi to tickle them with her tickling feather.

Our friends Dominic and Luca were busy exploring and investigating the empty tissue box, using different objects to place inside the box. Dominic placed a piece of toast in the box and Luca placed a car into the box. They also showing sharing and turn taking together which was wonderful to watch.

Before lunch Miss Shelby brought back out her puppets to sing 5 cheeky monkeys, Old McDonald had a farm which Charlotte, Hendrix and Lachlan B recognised and named the cow, duck, horse, pig and sheep finger puppets and also made the noises of the animals. Miss Shelby then showed the children some animal flash cards which they could also recognise and name the animals and their sounds.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais