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Hello Parents and Friends! 😊

Happy Tuesday and a warm welcome from Toddlers 2 classroom!

What a magnificent day we are having around here today, the morning was fill up with so much joy, smiles and giggles. Our day began exploring a different scenario and this morning we decided spending some time inside our classroom playing with our friends. The children had the opportunity to engage in a physical play using the Wheely Tiger – Our friends had a great fun pushing their self around the classroom using the little tiger in wheels and Balancing Cow – the kids absolutely loved jumping in the little cow around the room we couldn’t stop listening our friends giggles, and see they were having such an amazing experience with this two different type of toys! 😊

After all this jumps around was time for a little relaxing and set down to have a big drink of water and get ready for our morning routine. In our group time today Miss Jess extended the children interest for animals and played different animal`s noises. With their listening ears on our friends set together in the group mat to try guessing what animal the noise were.
Then the children transition to wash hands and morning tea time.

After morning tea time we had another incursion today. In this morning Lucas Proundfoot from “Circular rhythm” visited us with high energy, cultural education in the show that engages the kids and celebrate cultural diversity. The children form toddlers Two had a great engage in the show they enjoyed dancing, singing, and clapping their hands. They showed confident and involved in the show. 😊 Was beautiful to see our friends participated in the incursion .

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom. This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground.

Check out the photos

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.

s Two