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Good Afternoon Families,

Today we decided to spend most of our day outdoors with all of our Toddler friends. We have been having so much fun all day with our little friends from Toddlers spending most of our day outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play. Children have been choosing to play outside climbed all over the yard, riding our bikes, and jumping on the bridge.

Once indoors we settled on the mat for our acknowledgment to country and our group time, where we sang our good morning songs as well as our transition songs, before washing our hands for morning tea. Other activities we enjoyed today were – the blocks, reading our books, singing songs at group time.

We continued on with practising our meal time self-help skills as the children confidently displayed their ability to use their spoons to enjoy the meal for lunch. The children also helped pack away their dishes and place their drinks in the basket for afternoon tea time.

*Lately, we have had a few mix-ups, to avoid this, we ask if you could please label all your child’s belongings. This will make it easier for all staff. Thank you so much.

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec