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We started our day having a play with our friends ,Miss Shelby and Miss Lyn in toddlers one while waiting for all our friends to arrive and Miss Thais. Our Friends Lachlan B, Luca, Quinn, Hendrix and Lachlan H were busy building with the lego blocks. Quinn said ”wow” as she looked at the lego block tower she made and Hendrix said ” i did, i made it” while he connected the lego gate together. Alanis was having pretend play in home corner with the baby dolls and blankets.

When we came into our  room we joined Miss Shelby on the mat for some singing and dancing time where we did the actions to open shut them, Charlotte asked for baby shark where all our friends joined in doing the actions to the song. We also learnt about our emotions through singing and doing the actions to if your happy and you know it which everyone enjoyed dancing to. Miss Shelby brought in a book to learn about how to look after our environment-” My green day”, while looking at the pictures in the book Lachlan, Charlotte and Hendrix recognised where the boy was hiding in the book- Charlotte said ” look his hiding behind the rock, Lachlan B said ” I can see him and Hendrix said ” found him”.

For morning tea Miss Kerry made some yummy fruit, yogurt and sultana cups, while eating his Lachlan B said ” I’m eating mine”.  Everyone sat wonderfully together at the table while eating their morning tea and after morning tea Hendrix showed interest in helping clean the yogurt off the tables using some wet wipes.

Today we started our learning of recycling today by making some recycling bins out of cardboard boxes for paper, plastics and general rubbish. Miss Thais brought out some boxes she collected from Miss Kerrie. Together in small groups the children helped to paint the boxes with green paint to create the general bin box and yellow paint for the recycling bin box which will be used to teach the children to place plastic items such as used milk bottles into the recycling box. While using the green paint to paint the box Latika said ”its green”. Lachlan B helped Miss Thais glue the white paper onto the box that was painted yellow.

Tomorrow we will create the paper bin box with the children which they will help us paint the box blue.

Miss Shelby added some recyclable plastic cup and containers into home corner for the children to explore and imagine with, our friends Lachlan H and Hendrix used their imagination to stack the cups on top of each other and then knock then down while our friend Quinn was busy hiding the cup in the kitchen sink cupboard

With Christmas quickly approaching we now have our Christmas hamper basket in our room, Miss Shelby and Miss Thais will be handing out the raffle booklets this week for families to purchased 5 tickets for $6 and we are asking for everyone to donate a gift into the Christmas hamper. If you are the lucky winner you will win the whole hamper basket which will be drawn at our centre Christmas party on Thursday the 12th December, more details to come.

Thank you all for a wonderful day, see you tomorrow

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais