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Hello families,

Happy Tuesday!

Today we started our morning in the Yard where we played with our friends from Toddlers 1 and 2. Miss Steph sang us songs, read us a book and helped us acknowledge the traditional owners of our land before we then went inside to wash our hands and eat our morning tea.

After we refueled our bodies with yummy, healthy food, Miss Bec read us books about our feelings and told us that it is okay to show how we are feeling. The rabbits and dinosaurs showed many different emotions, happy, sad, excited, and frustrated and taught us how to as well.

Once the stories were over it was amazing to see the children explore their interests which resulted in music and dancing. We got the musical instruments including the triangle, rattle shakers, hand drums, and the tambourine. It was so much fun singing and dancing with our friends!! It was so awesome to see the children joining in on the dancing and singing.

Following our musical activity, we then got involved in an art and craft activity where we finger painted in all different colours, blue, yellow, green and purple! This was so much fun!

It was then time to pack away our toys and help clean up the room and get ready for lunch.

We had such a fun morning learning and playing with our friends! We cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings us.

Love MIss Thais and Miss Bec