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Sunshine Tuesday♥

What an amazing learning and playful day we are having around here today. Our day began with the children welcoming one another.
Our little busy bees gravitated in between their favourite games and spontaneous ply, they enjoyed engaging in making bubbles with Miss Gabi before they popped it, having a relaxing time reading a book with Miss Jess and helping Miss Hope digging in the sand pit to set up a special activity.

The time goes so fast when we are having fun and involved in our favourite pastimes as we realized it was time to start our morning routine.
In our group time today, everybody sat down on the group mat with their listening ears on. Before we started it Miss Gabi introduced Olive from babies two. Olive started her transition today. Olive had a lovely first day and she was so excited and eager to explore what will be her new outdoor and indoor environment. All children were so gentle, and they introduce themselves to Oliver too. Welcome to Toddlers Two Little Oliver, we are adore having you here with us.
Continuing with our week topic, today Miss Gabi read a book called “My dinosaur dad” about different style of “Dino Dads” and our friends recognised their dad`s on the story then we heard them saying:  “My dad is tall too”, “My dad is strong”, “My dad tickled me” – Very cute!
Once the book had finish we sang our favourite Rhyme song “ wheels on the bus” and “ Old Mac Donald’s” and then our transition song “ Bee, Bee Bumble Bee” when the children smoothly transitioned to hand washing and sat down for morning tea.

For morning tea today, we had a delicious “Make my own banana split”.

Once we finished eating and packing away it was time to apply sunscreen and put our hats on and get already for another big adventure outside.

Today in our group experience Miss Hope did an amazing set up in the playground. She set up the sand pit by digging up a long line to create a river stream shape, she then placed tin foil into the dug-up areas so when we placed the water into it the water wouldn’t sink into the sand. Once we added the water it was time to add the dinosaurs! The children had so much fun using the water to wash them and feed them water. We also gather some natural materials around the yard to make some trees and bridges for the river.

For lunch time today we had a delicious Superhero Spelt Pizza Rolls served with a delicious self-serve salad bar.

Now the children are listening to soft music and resting on their own bed, charging their energies for another BIG play this afternoon.

With love
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.